Two Decades of Successful Healing

With offices in Bethel and Westport, Kara Acupuncture & Wellness has been serving clients in Fairfield County Connecticut for more than 20 years including Danbury, Redding, Ridgefield, Newtown, Fairfield and Wilton, CT.

Kara Acupuncture & Wellness specializes in Japanese Acupuncture, Sports Medicine Acupuncture®, and Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM), - Acupuncture that combines elements from both classical acupuncture and Western physical medicine.

The ideal aim of this combination, which is a key component of classic acupuncture, is to promote balanced and harmonious energy flow by identifying and treating any blocks or imbalances within the system.

APM as offered at Kara Acupuncture & Wellness is the use of trigger point needling (sometimes called “dry needling” or “ashi” points in acupuncture), a practice rooted in Western physical medicine and osteopathy. With a background of 20 years experience as a shiatsu therapist, I am able to navigate the entire body to see where your holding patterns are and then release them through acupuncture needling.


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Laura has gifted hands. She knows how to read the body, and then how to refocus energy, stimulate or quiet select nerve pathways or organs as required. Her unique mix of hands on diagnosis with acupressure and acupuncture is nothing less than extraordinary.
— K.T., New York, NY