Addressing the Misconceptions of Acupuncture

Many people don't understand what acupuncture is, let alone the training that goes behind it. I really hope you read this article with an open mind and heart. I invite you into the world of Chinese Medicine - please know that this is an ancient, and at the same time new paradigm of healing.




Chinese Medicine Doctor Takes Nobel Peace Prize!

It's wonderful to see a Chinese Medicine Doctor take the Nobel Peace prize yesterday! "This is a proud moment for the Chinese people, and even more so for traditional Chinese medical practitioners. The development of traditional Chinese medicine must be mutually integrated with science." I've always believed in an integrative Medicine approach and the Hospitals in China have fully embraced this. See the full article below.

7 Tips to Staying Healthy This Fall.


Happy Fall everyone! Today is the first day of fall. Here is a great article on how to stay healthy during this transitional time of year. One of the most important things I do for myself and my family is to cook plenty of sweet root vegetables. This satisfies the normal sweet cravings I usually get in the cooler weather - especially around Halloween! For more tips, see article below.

Nerve Pain

I often give people Hypericum Perforatum homeopathics for nerve pain. Are you suffering from chronic sciatica, diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage from an accident or even stress and anxiety? This little remedy is gentle yet powerful and is a perfect combination with acupuncture!

Hypericum Perforatum for Nerve Damage

Hypericum perforatum, commonly known as St John's wort, has been used for centuries to treat nerve damage, sciatica and back pain. Read more...